Employers who ask for a TESOL certificate, will not accept certificates that are not accredited or that are given following a course programme that is less than 120 lessons.

Who are we?

Online TESOL Online TESOL Turkey is the only representative, education operator and organiser in Turkey of the International Independent Schools Authority (IISA), based in the UK. TESOL Turkey online courses are administered by in2schools. (

Online TESOL is a worldwide brand in the field of TESOL certification since 2007. It is valid in Turkey and conforms to the approval of the Ministry of National Education, at the same time it makes the certification more widespread and respected by the centres existing in many countries of the world. All certificates are issued in the UK and are accredited by Oxford LTD. OXFORD LTD (Ref:11424452)

Online TESOL Turkey Headquarters is also the ONLY AUTHORIZED MEMBER of the European Association for Distance Learning - EADL European Distance Education Association in Turkey since 2013, in addition to its own accreditation. All of our students have the EADL logo on their certificates. In this way, our students prove that they are educated at international standards.

What is TESOL Certification?

If you are at least a high school graduate and have a good level of English, you can legally teach English both abroad and in Turkey with your MEB-compatible TESOL Certificate.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a globally valid international certificate that allows you to teach anyone whose native language is not English.

Are you eligible for TESOL Certification?

As a candidate to teach English, you must demonstrate at least B2 level proficiency in all English language skills, particularly speaking, before starting TESOL training. You will be required to conduct an English interview to determine your eligibility. Note: It is sufficient to be at least a high school or equivalent school graduate to attend the courses.

The online TESOL training panel is completely user-friendly. Your one-on-one trainer (TESOL Trainer) will guide you throughout your training period. Below you can see screenshots of the system;

What will I learn in the TESOL Programme?

Thanks to the comprehensive curriculum you see left side, our graduates will learn the fundamentals of TESOL theory and methodology and acquire the necessary skills to teach a second language.

What will be the certificates I will receive at the end of the TESOL Programme?

The documents that will come from the UK right after you successfully complete your TESOL course;

  • Your TESOL Certificate with EADL logo, cold stamped and hologram accredited by Oxford LTD and American Culture UK
  • Your TESOL Teaching Practice Certificate with the EADL logo, cold seal and hologram accredited by Oxford LTD and American Culture UK
  • Your detailed TESOL Course Transcript

How can I get more information?

You may want to get more information and details apart from what is written on our website. In this case, please fill in the contact form on our page and share the information we can reach you with, we will get back to you as soon as possible and a phone call will be made based on your request.

You can contact us by calling our Turkey Headquarters at 444 3 654

You can receive instant information by sending a message to our WhatsApp Business line at +90 (541) 696 09 34

UK TESOL UK Headquarters
156-158 Sackville Road Brighton, BN3 7AG
+44 (0) 7379 023072

TESOL Turkey Headquarters
Konyaaltı Cad. Deniz Mah. Akdeniz Apt. No:1 K:1 D:6 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
444 3 654

” TESOL guides you to check this information from the consulate or embassy of the country where you plan to work. The website is recommended for reference information. ”